Our Capabilities & Expertise

Software and Systems Engineering

Big ideas are great to have, but without the proper expertise they never leave the drawing board. The Software and Hardware Engineers at Operational Systems Group have years of experience in intelligence engineering and design.


From cloud-based systems which serve multiple state and federal agencies, to critical mission software installed on the equipment used by our men and women on the front lines, our team of experts have engineered modernization solutions to enable all types of organizations. 


Technological innovation is only the beginning of gaining a competitive advantage. Leveraging those advantages by utilizing a deep understanding of the mission requirements and years of experience is what makes the difference. 

We are proud of the technologies our team has created to enable our partners to execute precision missions all over the world, and our growing team of experts continues to support those missions every single day. 

Project and Program Management

OSG provides executive program management leadership to our customers. 

Our PMP Certified professionals have years of experience using modern standards of leadership and management to ensure your product is delivered on time, in scope, and under-budget. 

System Administration

OSG provides world-class system administrators to assist in the everyday needs of customers focusing on data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

We provide network administration services ranging from account access, storage and data solutions, network engineering, and network maintenance to ensure our customers operations never go down. 

Operational Support

There is nothing more sacred than the responsibility we owe to those who put themselves in harms' way to serve our Nation. Operational Systems Group members not only believe that, we have been with them on the battlefield. 

Force-enabling forward men and women is our proudest mission. From rapid exploitation technologies to real-time communications, OSG remains a leader in challenging environments.